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The Cycle Carrier is a highly versatile, foldable, towbar mounted, carrier system. The ultimate in convenience, no tools or assembly of individual parts are required to attach the carrier to the vehicle, making it easy to fit and use. Mounted onto the rear of the vehicle means cycles can be loaded and unloaded quickly and simply without having to lift bikes up onto the roof. Unlike roof mounted carriers, the Westfalia Cycle Carrier doesn't significantly increase fuel consumption as it sits in the slipstream of the vehicle and doesn’t create the drag commonly associated with roof mounted carriers. The ultimate in flexibility, the Westfalia Cycle Carrier doesn't restrict access to the boot even when loaded (see photo).


> Unique! The new standard for cycle racks: 580 x 225 x 690mm W/H/D (when folded)

> Extremely compact and easy to store anywhere: in the boot, in the garage, in the basement or wherever there's a small space.

> Engineered for excellence: suitable for every car type


> 60 kg payload: making it suitable even for heavy electric cycles

> The rubber coating inside the frame clamps provides additional protection for the bike frames.


> Extraordinarily safe: high safety and quality standards; developed to meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers and is TÜV-GS approved

> Comprehensive theft protection: rack and all cycles can be locked individually - with only one key

> Adjustment possible: perfect hold even on worn towballs

Simple to use

> Ready for use immediately: no assembly of individual parts

> Attached within seconds: simply mount and then clamp tight with minimal effort

> The swivel down mechanism provides easy access to the boot of the vehicle.


> Everything under control: thanks to its compact size, the rack can be easily stored away on the wall mounted bracket

> Easy to load: minimal effort is required by placing the wheels in front of the body (in comparison to roof racks)

> Free access to the boot: the smart swivel-down mechanism makes it possible - even with the bikes mounted on the carrier

> No paintwork damage: the sideward, tool-free mounting avoids damage to the vehicle

> Flexible: suitable for all bicycle types

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